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Neill has been in the financial industry since 1981 and has built a clientele that consists of individuals as well as small business owners, associates, non-profit organizations, and pension plans. His practice focuses on the advantages of asset management. Knowledge and experience play key roles in helping Neill's clients more effectively work towards their financial goals.


A lifetime resident of the Duluth area Neill is active in the community. He conducts financial seminars on a regular basis for companies 401(k) and pension plans, and has been a talk show host on WDSM-710 AM and KDAL-610 AM Radio. Neill belongs to the Duluth Area and Two Harbors Chamber of Commerce and was a Duluth City Councilor. Neill is a member of the North Shore Rotary and chairs the Leif Erikson Restoration Project, which has restored the Viking Ship replica in Leif Erikson Park. He has written articles that have appeared in local newspapers and has been a financial and political commentator on radio and television in the Duluth area.


Neill attended the University of Minnesota-Duluth, taught high school in Duluth and is a U.S. Navy Veteran. He is also a member of the Northland Vietnam Veterans Association and American Legion.